The challenge of selling property is often exacerbating if you try to do it alone. For example, a piece of property might sit on the market for years because you—understandably—want to make money on a sale. However, when the market is down, people just don’t buy property at prices that you can afford.

Even worse, you might miss problems with the property that drive down its value. Termite infestations, foundation troubles, old plumbing, inefficient heating systems, and more can make your property less attractive to buyers and complicate the selling process more than necessary. These problems are worsened if you try to sell property on your own without professional help.

With the help of The Jill Armstrong Team, you can avoid these problems as much as possible. For example, our agents will inspect your property from top to bottom, including performing environmental tests, to ensure that no nasty surprises pop up during the selling process.

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