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    22+ Years of Real Estate in the Iowa City Area.

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    Jill has lived in the Iowa City area since 1989. She became a REALTOR in 1996 and has since been one of the area’s top producers. She received her ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) Designation. Jill’s philosophy is to truly listen to her clients regarding all their real estate needs and to offer every client only the highest level of service.

    Jill has three full-time licensed assistants, Jackie, Marcy, and Allye, working with her to help provide you the best service. We have three full-time buyers agents, Abby, Kimberly, and Kelly to insure each buyer and seller gets personalized service. In addition Jill employees Erin our third full time assistant that focuses on staging all of our listings. The Team is available any day, evening or weekend to answer your questions.

    Realtor Iowa City

    When Do You Need a Realtor?

    You’ve been trying to sell your house or a piece of property for a while, and you can’t seem to get it sold at the price that you want. This situation is a common one in the Iowa City, Iowa area and often requires a realtor to manage without causing complications.
    An agent is typically a great idea in the situations outlined below. Each of these moments commonly occur when people try to sell houses and can be quite annoying and frustrating to manage. Some can even be damaging to your financial health and require high-quality professional help.

    If You Aren’t Confident

    A growing number of people turn to high-quality real estate specialists when they don’t feel confident selling their home. This situation is more common than you may think because people often don’t quite understand how to market their house or the different ways that they can make it appealing to buyers. In this situation, a realtor is a significant investment and can provide a surprising array of benefits.
    For example, these professionals can investigate the state of your home, check out various areas that you might not think to check, and make sure that they are stronger. They do this by finding builders and renovation experts who can enhance the look and style of a house without a struggle. They can then provide high-quality help at a price that is fair and reasonable and which doesn’t cost too much time.
    Your agent is willing to take these steps because they want your home to sell just as much as you do. After all, they only make money if they sell your house and never take cash from you until then. As a result, you’ll likely see an agent hustling as much as possible to sell a home, doing whatever is necessary to make sure that it sells quickly and at a price that is as reasonable as possible for your needs.

    Your House Has Been on the Market a Long Time

    When you put your home on the market, you anticipated selling it in a few days or – at most – a few weeks or months. This belief is one that many people labor under, which can be very disappointing when a home stays on the market, not for days, weeks, or months, but years. People in this situation often find that they lose faith in their home and real estate in general.
    However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your home if you don’t want it anymore. Instead, you may need to turn to a realtor who can sell your house at a reasonable price and more quickly. Often, a home that hasn’t sold in a long time is one that isn’t correctly advertised and which needs somebody willing to work a little bit harder to get people to notice the house.
    Just as importantly, these agents can work on getting your home noticed by people who may be interested in its specific location or the home type. For example, a fixer-upper may sell better than you might expect when you work with an agent. These professionals will sell your home in a way that showcases its fixer-upper status and which makes people interested in it.

    You Need to Move Quickly

    There comes a time in just about everybody’s life when they need to move quickly. This situation is often a tricky one because it may require you to get rid of your items from home, move to a new house, and still make payments on an old home. As a result, you may need to get rid of a house quickly to avoid having to spend too much money on home or tax payments.
    Thankfully, a realtor can help out here by finding a way to get rid of your home quickly and efficiently. This process typically involves finding a buyer who is willing to settle rapidly. You might end up not getting as much money out of the house as you would otherwise simply due to the quickness. However, you will still make some cash because your agent will fight for you as much as possible.
    Even better, these agents can help you find a temporary place to live if you need to get rid of your home’s items but want to stay close until the house sells. This temporary housing is typically a place that you can rent, like a hotel room or an apartment, but may even be a discounted house owned by the agency. This step is an excellent benefit for those who need to offload the property.

    Your House Has Lost Value

    Lastly, you may want to talk to a realtor if you find that your house has either deprecated in value or hasn’t increased in awhile. This situation is often a very troubling one because it can happen for what seems like little to no reason. And, in many cases, you may end up paying off your mortgage only to find that you have a house that wasn’t worth as much as it was when you bought it.
    However, an agent can help you out here by finding a way to sell your house at a price that works for you. For example, they can find a motivated buyer who is willing to purchase the home at a price that is better for you. These individuals are often quite hard to find and will require a professional who can seek them out through a variety of different unique channels, such as online buying boards.
    Your agent can also help you by negotiating upgrades and renovations that may enhance the value of your home. These professionals can not only find these renovations but also highlight them when trying to sell your house. In this way, you can win out by selling a home at a more reasonable price and ensuring that it gets off of your hands without as much complication as you may expect.

    Let Us Help You

    As you can see, an agent is an excellent idea if your home is still on the market and you can’t seem to sell it. Though you won’t make as much money on the house when it does well because of the agent commission, at least you can get it off your hands and often at a price that was higher than you had expected.
    So if you’re struggling to sell a home in Iowa City, Iowa, and want a realtor that you can trust, please contact us at Jill Armstrong Real Estate to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience and can do what is necessary to help you succeed in your real estate needs.

    We Give Back

    The Jill Armstrong Team supports local organizations through sponsorship and community service events. We invest in our communities, making them a better place to live for you and your family.



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