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    Jill has lived in the Iowa City area since 1989. She became a REALTOR in 1996 and has since been one of the area’s top producers. She received her ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) Designation. Jill’s philosophy is to truly listen to her clients regarding all their real estate needs and to offer every client only the highest level of service.

    Jill has three full-time licensed assistants, Jackie, Marcy, and Allye, working with her to help provide you the best service. We have three full-time buyers agents, Abby, Kimberly, and Kelly to insure each buyer and seller gets personalized service. In addition Jill employees Erin our third full time assistant that focuses on staging all of our listings. The Team is available any day, evening or weekend to answer your questions.

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    What Does a Real Estate Agent Do to Earn a Commission?

    You’ve been debating getting a real estate agent in Iowa City, Iowa, but just don’t understand why their commission seems so big. You don’t know if you want to pay them that money but also feel a little uncomfortable making deals on your own.

    As a result, it is a good idea for people to understand what an agent does to earn their commission. These individuals often work for days and even weeks without seeing a dime from a home and deserve respect. Hopefully, this information can earn them some in the eyes of a few people.

    The Nature of an Agent’s Job

    A good agent is somebody who fully understands a variety of different duties and who works hard to ensure that they are fulfilled. They often spend hours every day working with all of their clients and may end up going home late. And while many agents often end up with a lot of money, they do a lot to earn it and are very important to hire if you want the best deals on your home or property.

    First of all, a real estate agent is hired to help you sell or buy a home at a price that you can afford. The idea behind their position is that they more fully understand the market and can identify great ways to make a deal that saves you money. Just as importantly, these professionals also have years of experience in the field and can do what is necessary to help your property sell.
    Many people assume that many agents simply call up people and make deals this way without doing a lot of difficult work. As a result, they may think that an agent is overpaid or think that they can do all the hard work on their own. Just about anybody who has worked in real estate makes this mistake and finds out that their agent does a lot more than they may have credited them for doing.

    As a result, the 6-10 percent that an agent makes on a home sale is not that much or, at the very least, too much. For example, if you sell your home for $200,000, they make $20,000 on the sale. While that might seem like a lot of cash for one deal, the amount of work that they put into the deal can be staggering. Fully understanding this process is important because it can give you an insight into their duties.

    The Average Duties of an Agent

    A typical real estate agent has to work close to 10-14 hours every day when they’re in the process of making a sale. And the hours that they put in before a deal is finished and after add up even more. As a result, it is fair to say that they more than make their commission and are a valuable addition to any deal. However, it is also worth breaking down their day to get an idea of what they do almost every day of the week. Just a few tasks that an agent is handling while selling or buying homes for you include:

    • Starting the Day – A typical agent has to answer dozens of emails, voicemails, and phone calls during a day. All of this work can take a few hours, so they often wake up early to manage it.
    • Meeting with Clients – Once an agent has an idea of the people with whom they need to talk, they’ll travel from client to client to help them better understand what they need to do to sell their home.
    • Talk to Other Prospective Buyers or Sellers – To help meet the needs of their clients, agents must meet with many people every day to try to make a sale or a purchase on property.
    • Checking Out Property – Almost every day, an agent will have to check on at least a few of their pieces of property – this ensures that nothing goes wrong with them.
    • Doing Financial Steps – Agents often have to work with loan officials, a variety of banks, and much more to find the ability to buy or sell a piece of property correctly.
    • Getting Legal Issues in Order – When you buy or sell a home, you have to make sure that everything is properly appraised and inspected. A real estate agent will do these steps for you.
    • Host Open Houses – Property simply doesn’t sell itself, as an agent will have to host many open house meetings to ensure that everything goes smoothly.
    • Gather Marketing Materials – Your agent will take photos of your home, create videos, and write advertisements that help your property sell more effectively.
    • Handle Their Needs – As the day goes on, an agent has to take care of their own personal needs, which is difficult as they rarely receive breaks throughout the day.

    These duties are just a sampling of what the average agent has to do during the day. For example, you might find that your real estate agent is also working with contractors to perform renovations that make your home worth more cash. The duties of the average agent are truly never over, and if they weren’t doing them for you, who would be? You, and that’s something worth considering before hiring an agent to help you out with your property or home.

    Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

    As you can see, a great real estate agent in Iowa City, Iowa is a great investment. The amount of work that they do makes them critical for your success and helps to make sure that you don’t have to do that work instead. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Jill Armstrong Real Estate to learn more. Our experts will work hard to ensure that your home sells at a reasonable price or that you can buy a piece of property without spending too much money.

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