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    Jill has lived in the Iowa City area since 1989. She became a REALTOR in 1996 and has since been one of the area’s top producers. She received her ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) Designation. Jill’s philosophy is to truly listen to her clients regarding all their real estate needs and to offer every client only the highest level of service.

    Jill has three full-time licensed assistants, Jackie, Marcy, and Allye, working with her to help provide you the best service. We have three full-time buyers agents, Abby, Kimberly, and Kelly to insure each buyer and seller gets personalized service. In addition Jill employees Erin our third full time assistant that focuses on staging all of our listings. The Team is available any day, evening or weekend to answer your questions.

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    How to Find a Realtor Who Always Has Your Back

    When trying to find a realtor that Iowa City, Iowa can trust, you may run into some difficulties from time to time. This situation is not unusual because agents often have multiple people on their docket. As a result, they may have a hard time either focusing on your needs or may not always work for the best of your deal. Though rare, you may find an agent who is looking out only for themselves.

    As a result, you need to take the time to look for a realtor who works only for you and who strives to succeed where others give up. While all agents will also look out for themselves – after all, they want to make money, too – others will do what they can to make sure that your profits are high and that your property is managed correctly. These individuals can be hard to find without help.

    Research Possible Agents

    The first step in this process is to research all of the available agents that are near you. There is a good chance that you may have over a dozen different people with whom you can work. As a result, you need to make sure that you take the time to find someone who you can trust. This process requires some legwork but is more than worth it if you ultimately find a trustworthy partner.

    Start by looking through the various advertisements in the area to find agents. Look through online listings as well to find people whom you may not have otherwise talked to about your property. Contact each of these agents to learn more about how they operate, asking them questions about their operation, the number of agents that they have, and much more.

    Lastly, you need to make sure that you pay special attention to the unique focus of each agent that you investigate. For example, some experts may focus more heavily on certain types of residential property or commercial buildings. This step is crucial because you need to find a realtor who has experience with the kind of property that you want to sell and who can work to focus on it more precisely.

    Check Into Each Agent’s Connections

    All agents in the real estate market should have a large number of connections on which they can draw when they try to make deals. These connections should include a large number of advertising companies – these professionals can showcase your property – as well as people with whom they’ve worked in the past. This broad range of connection increases your chance of making a deal.

    For example, when you try to find a realtor, make sure to ask them about the people they know in the area around you. Try to figure out how they connect to others when making a deal to get an insight into their buying and selling process. Just as importantly, talk to them about aspects of their agreement that you might not fully understand, such as how they settle closing costs and more.

    Research Their Commissions

    Next, you need to make sure that you find a realtor with a transparent and straightforward commission that is easy to understand and pay. Some realtors may try to set up commission schedules or payment plans that seem confusing or which end up costing you more money than you might have anticipated. This situation is typical if your agent is less reliable and trustworthy than others on the market.

    First of all, make sure that they are willing to discuss the nature of their commission, including how they make money with you. Ask how this money is taken from your sale and how it is broken down between them and their broker. This information is vital because some companies may charge more or may have a less transparent process that puts you in the dark about deals.

    Lastly, you need to make sure that their commission isn’t too much – some agents may try to charge more than others for a variety of reasons. Ask them why their commission is higher and listen to their reasoning. Some may argue that they work harder than other agents to make deals and deserve better payment. This fact may be true – but ask the agent to prove it to you before you commit.

    Always Talk to Others In the Deal

    Before you pick an agent to deal with in this process, you need to make sure that you talk to everybody else involved in the deal. The idea here is that you need to find a professional who is trustworthy and who has your back without screwing over the other person in the agreement. While you want an agent who protects you, one who hurts others is not a good investment choice.

    This step is important when you’re trying to find a realtor. First of all, it gives you an idea of how trustworthy your realtor is when they work with you and others. If you find that they are making one set of promises to you and another set to the other people in the deal, you may want to avoid these professionals. They are trying to play both sides, which is never a good approach for real estate.

    Lastly, you need to make sure that your realtor is also working to make the deal as useful for you as possible rather than trying to appease the other partner in the agreement. Typically, this step requires that they take the time to maximize your potential profits while working to make the other partner in the transaction happy with the agreement as well. This balance is tricky but should go in your favor with a great agent.

    We Can Help!

    As you can see, it is critical to take the time to look for a realtor expert who has your best needs in mind. Some individuals may work only for their needs or strive to increase their commission while cutting your profits. This process is one that will take you a little time to finish, granted, but it is more than worth it if you can find a professional who always has your back on every deal you make.

    So if you want to find a realtor in Iowa City, Iowa who always has your back, please contact us at Jill Armstrong Real Estate right away to learn more. We have years of experience working with people like you and will strive to do right by your needs. Our experts will meet with you and your potential agents and find a way to make you the most possible money.

    We Give Back

    The Jill Armstrong Team supports local organizations through sponsorship and community service events. We invest in our communities, making them a better place to live for you and your family.



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